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Experience counts when it comes to catastrophic injury lawsuits and at Walker & Crawford, P.C., We have it. We know that catastrophic injury lawyers who have tried cases successfully are the ones that get the best results. Houston Attorney, Walker Texas Lawyer has tried hundreds of jury trials.

When our law firm takes on a case, we do everything it takes to provide our clients with the empathy and direction they deserve. Jim Walker has tried all kinds of catastrophic injury cases involving loss of limb, traumatic brain injury, neck and back injury, traumatic brain injury and head injury as well as those that have caused injury to the spinal cord and spine.

Why Do I Need a Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Houston catastrophic injury lawyer Jim Walker is well aware that there are people who are suffering from catastrophic injuries and are never able to sufficiently recover because of the ridiculously low caps on “non-economic” damages that have been imposed across the nation through legislature. What is ironic though is that studies have shown that jury verdicts awarding huge amounts in compensation to injury victims do not happen very often.

Insurance companies have made everyone believe that there is a high rate of huge verdicts being awarded to victims of catastrophic personal injury, and thereby have successfully guarded their empires and riches at the expense of the victim because more often than not the lowest amount of insurance that the law allows is often times carried by the most dangerous drivers. Even worse, many of them don’t even carry insurance at all.

Jim Walker is catastrophic injury lawyer that fights to ensure that people who are suffering from catastrophic personal injuries do not lose their right to having as close to a normal life as possible just because some corporate bigwigs successfully lobbied for caps on malpractice and personal injury damages.
Reclaim Your Life after a Catastrophic Injury

At Walker & Crawford, PC, we know how to build your case and if necessary, take your case to trial. Never try to negotiate your claim with your insurance company on your own, most insurance companies will do all they can to under compensate and take advantage of you. Even worse, if you decide to sue they will attempt to damage your case by trying to elicit damaging statements from you.

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